The "ROUTE OF EMOTIONS" is located in the tourist region that comprises of three of the most rare and lush tourist destinations of Brazil, the Lençóis, the Delta of the Sunshine Coast and West Squads, specifically in the area of Jericoacoara and  Camocim where natural beauty is preserved in protected areas.

The route connecting these three states of Northeast Brazil, Ceará, Piauí and Maranhão, has a varied ecosystem, forming seas of perfect waves, suitable for kitesurfing, windsurfing, hobbie cat, surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, among other water sports. The entire route of Emotions is shrouded in lots of adventure and a region highly conserved and preserved became mandatory roadmap for lovers of ecotourism, adventure tourism and outdoor sports.

The official list Route 14 municipalities Araioses, Barreirinhas, Paulino Neves, Santo Amaro and Tutoia, Maranhão; Jijoca Jericoacoara, Barroquinha Camocim, Chaval and Cruz, in Ceará; Cashew and Beach, Big Island, Luis Correia and Parnaíba, Piauí.

This integrated roadmap is a result of the Project Technical Cooperation Network for Routing - 1st edition, SEBRAE and implemented by the Ministry of Tourism. Since 2005, local leaders, entrepreneurs, and government entities work together for the integrated development of the region.

SEBRAE in partnership with entrepreneurs and tourism administration has worked with the communities along the Route of Emotions, valuing their culture by teaching them about the importance of tourism potential which is also a form of community development and livelihoods in various branches of tourism always with an eye on sustainability and competitiveness on the national and international market. All of these efforts contributed to the Route of Emotions, in 2009, was voted the Best Screenplay Tourist country, granted by Ministry of Tourism, during the 4th Tourism Fair, tourist event in Latin America.

For encompass three major areas of Environmental Protection, the script should not be operated without a minimum of care to preserve the environment. Furthermore, the entire schedule revolves around the contact with nature and the social with the community. Just enjoy every landscape, enjoying all the flavors and let the stories and engage with the simplicity of the local people.

Photo source: Government CE/PI/MA


Future Vision of the Route of Emotions:

  • To be a sustainable destination of national and international reference for its unique, differentiated products that integrate nature, adventure, sports related to wind and water, and culture, in a setting of sun and beach.

Emotional Route Basics:

  • Commitment to sustainable development and improvement of the quality of life of the communities involved.
  • Strengthening local governance.
  • Effectiveness of the integration process in all instances.
  • Experience of an experience of great significance to the tourist.
  • Observance of national, state and municipal public policies, focused on tourism.

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