Ilha do Caju (Cashew Island)



“Ilha do Caju” (Cashew Island) is located on the northeast of the Parnaíba river, Araioses country, Maranhão, northeast of Brazil, 50kms distant from the city of Parnaíba, state of Piauí state, among the 80 islands that form the only delta on open sea in the america’s; its total area is composed of 10139,3 ha, being 35% swamps, 12% dunes, 23% forests, 20% fields and 10% of salinas. It is located at latitude 2º45 below the equator and longitude 42º05 west.

The fauna is varied, it includes armadillos, agoutis, maracajás-cats, anteaters, toucans, alligators chats-yellow, raccoons, deer, foxes, woodpeckers, guan, several species of monkeys, ibises, spoonbills, egrets, marrecas, turtles (giant comb and loggerhead), porpoises and many others.

The Ilha do Caju (Cashew Island) is the refuge of these animals, mainly because it is a protected area of natural habitat of these and other species.
Aiming to stop the march of devastation this rich ecosystem, fragile, respect for nature and habits of the local community are disseminated through environmental education programs and socio-economic development, which aim to protect this paradise for their rational use for generations present and future.

“It is better to have less for indeterminate time than to have a lot for a short time.”

Ingrid Meyer Clark

10 Commandments

1. Never feed or disturb animals.

2. Never pick up flowers.

3. Respect the local communities’ habits.

4. Never drop trash on the trails. keep it with you.

5. Never walk barefooted.

6. Always wear shoes or boots when walking in the forests.

7. Never smoke outside the main lodge avoid fire.

8. Never throw cigarettes on the island’s ground.

9. Let management know of any disturbances.

10. Preserve nature, in doing so you preserve yourself.