I heard about a charming place
which has the very heart of the Delta
which empties into the great Parnaíba
Rio wide arms tightening
dazzles the eye,
and the view settles no
Full of mystery and very bug
On the water, in the woods and on earth,
I’m serious!

My people coming from everywhere
Open your heart and your mind clarei
prepare his soul pro
What lies ahead
I present to you this Island called Cashew
Piece of land that breaks taboo
Island rich of everything you can imagine
It’s bug, dune and kills in one place.

The wind blows all that is towards
It’s so much beauty beachfront
we do not even know where to start
If the caller bird in Ninhal
or if the fruits of Cajual
Early has blue indigo sky
And whatever it is March or April

Well of late has the vermilion sun
more beautiful picture that I have not seen
pond and is so much more hummingbird
I thank God for
get here
Evening of next
with moon and star
young man looking at a weary
so much beauty.
But I’m in Cashew
need not surprise!